As usual the cimple things ,or maybe the things that seem to be simple are the most difficult to achieve.

The designer of our company Izumi Kiyota, had been chasing this idea some time, making drawings and developing the idea to achive the pair of shoes she was thinking about ,something very simple and versasile and casual that could be similar to the concept of wearing t-shirts, but for our feet.

With the cooperation of the company production team, and the R+D división of the company, and specially looking for advice and inspiration in the japanese shoemaking tradition, whose details can be easily found in the shoes, then finally we just achieved what we were looking for, these unique shoes.

All the materials have been carefully selected ,specially the Japanese and Italian leathers selected, that are very soft and flexible, and one of the keys to achieve the feeling we were looking for. Also the sole has the exact point of flexibility to get that sensation when walking…

In tis way swaan4rlberg was born in 2008, nowways alreasy stablished in the Japanese market, and whose concept followers are growing eveyday all over the world. A pair of shoes with a unique pattern in one single piece, with no hard part, very versatile as the wide colour rango makes very easy the combination to match the different styles and the different situations of our everyday life.

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