Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Have I placed my order correctly?

Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email. You can track your order just clicking the link in the email, or entering in your account in the section MY ORDERS.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes, if the order is stIll “UNDER PREPARATION” you can contact us through the email pointing out in the matter “CHANGE IN THE ORDDER NUMBER *****”, in oder you let us know the changes you want to do. Once the order has been sent out, in case you want to change it, we need to do it as a RETURN.

I have received my order in bad conditions.

In case you have received your order in bad conditions plese contact us through the email, pointing out in the matter “INCIDENCE IN THE ORDER NR*****”. Plese provide as much information as you can, details of the incidence, pictures,…..We would reply you as soon as posible.

I want to return my order.

Within 15 days from the receival date you can return your order. Remember the product must be unused in order to return it. Please click in the section RETURNS and follow the instructions.

Other questions.

For any other doubt or question you may have please contact us and we will try sort it out as soon as posible.

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