In the development process of the brand and the shoes is has been essential to own our own shoe factory in Japan, as the whole team of the company has bee involved in the development of the shoes. Swaan4rlberg is our kid, that has been brought up and looked after with a lot of love.

Recently we have developed a second production like in Spain, where we have moved all our production keys, patterns, shoe lasts… in order to provide our european customers with a better and quicker service.

After considering various european countries to set our production line, it has been in Spain where we are found authenticity in the shoemaking tradition, somethin of which we are so proud, we just love Spain and it is a matter of fact that there are very strong connections between Japanese and Spanish culture. We are so happy and proud of having established this modern and innovative concept of thoes, but with the strong base of japanese and spanish shoemaking tradition.

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